• 20 days ago

    Allergies or Sinusitis?

    I’m suffering, help? Suggestions?
    Doc has tried a couple of anti-biotic treatments but following surgery a yr. ago I seem to be Extremely sensitive to a Lot of things including drugs.
    Sooo I’ve had very mild allergic reactions since living in TN but this is extreme!
    Bad headaches in am, lessen during the day some, my ears plug horribly, eyes are getting dried green buggers at night, gunk runs down the back of my throat & I clear my throat till it raw and a phlegm cough. I get a glib the size of a dime & green but runny nose only gives me clear or white when blowing.
    I’m trying anti histamines but they upset my bladder, Not sure I can handle a Nettie pot!!!!
    I’m traveling to see my grands next week, I’d be sooo grateful to at Least lesson my symptoms!!