• 1 month ago

    Difficulty swallowing

    Hey people,

    I have this weird occasional difficulty swallowing issues since the past 4 months. Sometimes i feel as if my throat is getting tightened and I fear swallowing and then I use water to let my food go down the throat.

    Its so annoying specially when I am at social occasions because I feel I would end update choking. Although I haven't ever choked update on food its just that my throat gets tight and at times i throw my food out of my mouth

    My medical condition;

    I am 22 years old and have hypertension since the last year. I am taking Diovan 40 daily for this.

    Please help out. Google says I have throat cancer and I am scared. All of my blood tests and chest x rays recently were perfect though.


  • 23 days ago

    RE: Difficulty swallowing

    Hello, sorry you are having this issue.
    Do you also have dry eyes?
    Dry eyes and dry mouth are the telltale signs of Sjogren's... An autoimmune disease. It can be easy to diagnose for some with a blood test showing antibodies, there is also a dry eye test and a lip biopsy then can also be done...
    I hope you can find the cause of your issue.