• 1 month ago

    Excessive sweating

    No matter what I do i sweat on forehead and arm pits. I was on mirtazapine but after I had a mental breakdown symptoms came back. Know I have chronic dry and sticky mouth and no matter how much water i drink symptoms come right back. Even though I breath threw my mouth I never had such dry mouth that evenvback of throat gets dry. And my tonsil is inflamed and without no saliva it feels like mucus is laying in back of throat and wont go down. Didn't go to specialists cause I no that my own flow of saliva wont come back


  • 23 days ago

    RE: Excessive sweating

    I can't answer about the sweating, other than possible menopause for women, but dry mouth could be Sjogren's... Dry mouth is a big time symptom... Usually goes along with dry eyes....