• 20 days ago


    I have high hyperparathyroid 171 and calcium 10.3 (over the last four years calcium high)...nuclear scan negative for adenomas (everything i've read says they don't always show up). Dr. immediately said I just need to take a pill to keep my parathyroid in check because I have hyperplasia. I am going to ENT....everything I'm reading says hyperparathyroid at that level always means I either need some parathyroid glands removed to lower the level or I have an adenoma on my parathyroid - either way I need surgery. I need advice on this please as my dr. thinks a pill will fix it and I want a permanent fix. Also DEXA scan was normal. Haven't completed the 24 hour urine yet. I have spoken to a LOT of people who had adenomas and the nuclear scan was negative.