• Weird Sinus Symptoms


    So I have been dealing with sinus issues my whole life. About 8 years ago, my body flipped out on me. The left side of my face would feel tight , go numb, or would be painful in the teeth and jaw. The ENT did find a sinus infection and put me on strong antibiotics to treat it. However, I also started taking Zoloft to deal with the anxiety caused by the symptoms. Well after years of tapering down, I finally got off Zoloft a couple of months ago. Then about 5 weeks ago, I get a cold that turns into a terrible sinus infection. Then, on the left side, the facial numbness, jaw pain, and tooth pain can back fool force. I've also had some sensitive breathing. I'm wondering if maybe Zoloft helps to mute this symptoms while I was on it so they were more bearable. Does anyone know if a sinus infection can cause half of your face to fill numb? And does anyone know if antidepressants like Zoloft can mute pain caused by Sinus infections?