• 7 months ago

    patulous eustachian tube causes facial nerve damage?

    I have patulous eustachian tube in my left ear. patulous eustachian tube is when the tube is automatically open no matter what, which causes you to hear your own breathing and voice. I basically had it happen when i got a nasty ear infection and for some reason, it gave me PET. About a year ago during June, left side of my face, mainly the nerves controlling my eye, started twitching uncontrollably and burning. I believe the nerve damage occurred because I kept forcing my ear tube to shut by doing a technique where i would pinch my nose while breathing deeply. the always open tube usually would close for a few seconds before opening again and it just became a bad stupid habbit I did when I was bored. But this time when I did, i was able to keep it closed for 30 min to maybe even 1 hour, and when it opened, I heard the sound of it popping open and felt something was wrong immediately. I obviously panicked, but I did not have the insurance to see neurologist or whatever they're called, and to be honest I didn't even know what was happening to me at the time so I was just in shock. I waited it out and it wad scary at the start. the first month was terrible. constant burning and twitching. the second month was bad not as bad. between the second and third month, I could tell it healed because I had more control of my face. the months following I had more control of my face, but my nerves will still twitch if I use them to hard, like shutting my eye really hard. I believe keeping my usually open ear unnaturally closed for an hour caused too much pressure and damaged my nerves. I wish I never did it... but I can't reverse it now. I live with constant fear that my nerve damage will get worse. I would like to know besides going to the doctor and getting botox and facial paraylsis surgery, what is the best way to treat my damaged nerves from possibly getting worse? P.S. I don't have full facial paraylsis or bells palsy, which that's not what I have. my face is still 70 to 80% controllable and it's not even noticable that I have nerve damage. so please, what can I do to keep this from getting worse without paying so much money?