• over 1 year ago

    Constant blocked nose for over a year

    So for over a year now my sinuses have been producing green mucus constantly, so much that it goes down my troat. It started when i had laryngitis for 2 weeks, my nose started getting blocked during the first week of having laryngitis, which turned into a chest infection that the doctors didnt treat for almost 3 months, after i had antibitoics my chest was cleared by my nose was still producing thick green mucus. I was tested for asthma but the results came back negative. I have now moved country since 6 months ago and saw another doctor who believes because i'm extremely sensitive to pollen that is why my sinuses are blocked. But I have always had very bad hayfever since I was a child and have never once had any problems like this. I have now been without a sense of smell and taste for a year because of it. Has anyone experienced something similar and managed to cure it?