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    Pain in throat for 5 years, PLEASE HELP!

    Hi, I am 32 years old but since I started college at 18 I began smoking. Finishing 1 box on 2 days on Friday's and Saturday's. Along with drinking, about 8 drinks a day, for those 2 days. Sometimes 3 times a week. I would also drink hot coffee from McDonald's. Then when I was about 27 I begun having a sore throat without any cold or anything. I went to the doctor and they tested for strep throat and it was negative. And ever since I was 27 I've been having pain in my left side of my throat, sometimes on the right side too. It hurts my throat (or tonsil) when I talk, eat citrus, spicy, some type of chocolate, and other foods. Just to clarify, it hurts while those types of foods are passing by my throat. I quit smoking about 2 years ago. Since I was 27, I have visit 5 family doctors and 2 ENT specialists. The doctors said it's just a sore throat, one said it was allergies (which I don't have any other allergies syntoms), and the specialist said it was acidic reflux. But my pain never goes away. I just feel I have something else. Because I don't feel anything coming up my throat. I feel the pain while the food is passing by my throat or tonsil. Now I am so confused I don't even know the difference. PLEASE HELP!!! What should I do next. Now I have kids and fear for my health.


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    RE: Pain in throat for 5 years, PLEASE HELP!

    One thing I forgot to mention. I would smoke the same kind of cigarettes. But prior to having throat pain, I started smoking a different kind of cigarettes and that's when my thoat started hurting one day to the next. And then I switched back but the pain never went away.