• 5 months ago

    hearing issue

    I have hearing issues that I don't understand. example: can be riding in my vehicle with radio on. I can pop my ears and hearing improves 30-40%. That's an estimate of course. Can be watching TV. ears pop and have to turn tv down. Same level of improvement. Can be in restaurant and sounds like big roar. Can pop my ears and hear much better...probably not normal hearing but much closer. Can be sitting in airplane. chatter sounds like big roar. can hardly understand anything. ears pop (before take off). all of a sudden I can her what folks are saying all around me. I have been to Dr. and had hearing test. I do have some hearing loss at high freq. I can hear back up alarm on heavy equipment working over a mile from my house. I've explained ear popping scenario to a couple, maybe 3 local ENTs. Each explain to me that's not the way it works. They tell me it works opposite. Hearing should diminish when ears pop. I tell them that's not the way it works in my head and i leave and don't go back. Would like to know what's going on and find a solution. Thanks.