• 24 days ago

    Post-Nasal drip

    I've had a cold for the last couple of days and I've noticed that I've got some drainage going on now. I'm just curious if the drainage could be causing the slight nausea that I'm feeling as well? Especially considering it started not long after the drainage started.....


  • 24 days ago

    RE: Post-Nasal drip

    Absolutely the drainage will make you feel nauseous the best thing that you can do is keep blowing your nose getting it out of your head will help you get well anyway you can also do a mild saltwater rinse through your nose
    It’s old-fashioned but it works... you have to snort it up your nose and blow it out really well .. It should be about a coffee cup size of warm water with about a 4th teaspoon of salt... also eat some hot chicken noodle soup or drink some hot tea hot liquids help you not feel so nauseous .. Hope that helps
      • 24 days ago
        I'll try that, thanks! I figured it was the drainage doing it, because when the drainage wasn't as noticable the nausea wasn't present, but when my nose is really stuffy and I can feel the mucus draining, the nausea comes back.

        I was also wondering if it could be causing the slight burning sensation in my throat and in my stomach as well. It must be, because that stuff is only really present when my nose is draining....