• 25 days ago

    I feel weak after a cold and ear infection

    61 year old female. 5'3 and 145 pounds. No known health issues. Had a really bad cold for a couple of weeks. Got up one morning to go to the bathroom and fainted on the way back to my bed. I felt myself passing out and slid down my door into a sitting position. My son heard it and found me, tried to get me onto the bed and I straightened out and fainted again while sliding onto the floor. He said he thought I was having a seizure at first because I just stared straight ahead with bulging eyes and had some jerks after passing out. I have never had any issues with seizures or any major health problems. The doc I went to said they thought it was just the ear infection that made me disorientated. I still had the bad cold on top of the ear infection. I'm still coughing up phlegm daily. Antibiotics don't seem to be working and now both ears hurt still and the antibiotics make me go to the bathroom a lot sometimes. Days after starting meds, I still feel really weak and sick to my stomach a lot. Going to my GP doctor as I can get an appointment. Could something be low? I can't seem to focus on some tasks very well some days. I get up 1.5 hours before leaving for work because an hour isn't enough to get ready. I fall asleep on the couch way too early at night, hours before bedtime and just can't stay up later like I used to. What could be wrong with me? They did a strep test (negative) at the previous doctor that I went to, a flu test (negative) and refused to do blood work that I specifically asked them to do because they felt that I "didn't need it". Going to have my GP doctor do it.