• 27 days ago

    Excessive burping when sick

    For the last 12 years, every time I get sick with a cold, the first symptom to arrive and the last to go is excessive burping. It starts about 2 days before any other cold symptoms.

    It's so bad that I sometimes can't sleep at all. After I burp, I have an urge to swallow, and after I swallow, I have a urge to burp. It is often as frequent as every 6 seconds. They are usually small burps that are somewhat forced out, but there are also big burps interspersed.

    It is more problematic when lying down.

    Occasionally I get these burping symptoms for short periods of time (1-2 days) and never get other symptoms.

    I have never been able to find any similar reports online. I'm wondering if there might be a problem with my throat.