• 5 months ago

    Is this tinnitus? feeling worried

    Hello, good afternoon.
    I'm not sure about what I have, so I wanted to seek some guidance, if possible. Soon it'll be 3 weeks more or less since I started to hear some "whoosh, whooosh" inside my right ear, like wind blowing. It gets slightly "louder" whenever I lie down or crouch to pick up something.
    It's not all the time, but now and then I hear the "whooshing".
    I went to a doctor and she said that other than a earwax build-up, everything looked fine, so she told me to use almond oil for a few days, then I went to have my ear cleaned.
    The whooshing seemingly stopped for an hour or so, I thought that was it - but nope, whoosh whoosh again. I'm both irritated and worried, since I don't know what's going on.
    I have no hearing loss, or balance problems, pain, etc. I plan to go back to the doctor tomorrow Monday, but any advise would be appreciated! Thank you.