• Throat infection - white spots

    My wife has had white spots in her throat for about 6 weeks. After the first week, I took her to a redi-med, to see if they could give her some antibiotics, but the doctor said it wasn't strep-throat, and she didn't have a fever, so they told her to just wait it out and her body would fight it off in 1-2 weeks. Today, we can still see the dots, although they are somewhat less compared to several weeks ago, but it still seems abnormally reddish around the spots compared to other areas of the throat, and throughout the day it bothers her only a little. She has never had any fever, but says due to it, she always feels more tired than she usually is. I'm wondering if I should take her back to the redi-med, and pay the money to see if they should take a cotton-swab to see what in particular she has to be able to give her the correct antibiotics to finish it off, or if she should wait more time? She gargles salt-water all the time as they told her to do. Also, I have not caught it.