• 7 months ago

    Hyperintense lesion in the posterior aspect of the right internal auditory canal

    Hi. I went to see ENT because of a fluttering/vibrating feeling in my right ear.

    Repeated annual MRI with and without MultiHance of my head/brain led to diagnosis of a 3 x 3 x 4 mm lipoma in right distal IAC adjacent to the fundus. Same testing in the following year showed no change but added information indicating "There may be some associated architectural distortion of the distal aspect of the right cranial nerves VII and VIII".

    Over two years there appeared to be no change in size.

    The fluttering/vibrating feeling was absent for several years but is now back.

    In the interim (2015-2018) I have on occasion had excruciating facial pain that feels centered about 2 cm right of the bottom of my nose that feels like it is inside my skull and feels like someone stabbing me with an ice pick or something else. At times this is accompanied by pain in my right shoulder and to the right of my sternum. The pain near the sternum had me in the ER because "chest pain" in with my family history is very concerning. No cardiac issues have been identified and inclined stress tests with sonogram put me at low risk of heart attack.

    I am 1) curious to know how likely it is that the ear issue could be the result of the lipoma and if there is any chance that the facial pain could also be related and 2) wondering if I ought to return to ask about additional imaging given my belief that there is not much that could be done about a lipoma in the location described.

    Thanks for patience to anyone who reads this.