• 7 months ago

    Flu season woes

    I have a serious flu and today I go to the clinic and I am all ready to pay for the appointment I know it will be around 92 (the last time I went there is how much it cost) well, no, it is 119. I said ok, I will do it. I am sick as a freaking dog with the flu or bad bronchitis I can feel it. my entire body hurts, even my HAIR hurts. touching my skin is like serious pain. anyway, she asked what do I think is the issue, I said the flu and she goes, well we have to take a swab and it will be an extra $50 for that. I am dying. I am like. ... no.
    I need so much meds and my ears hurt and nose and throat and a doctor wants to charge an extra bonus on the top for having to LIFT A Q TIP to see if I have the flu. I left. I said forget it. I cannot afford that. if I could afford health insurance it costs 800 a month for me and my kid. and then a 5000 deductible. web md I'm telling you. us normal folks are getting screwed out of being healthy. I am a teacher. I make about 42g a year. I cannot afford this. what is a person to do?