• 8 months ago

    Suffering with strange symptoms....

    Hi all!

    I've had intermittent dry sinuses for around 10 months now, and recently was diagnosed with sinusitis. After two courses of antibiotics I developed oral thrush, which is now being treated but is proving stubborn!

    I'm not sure if this is a cause or a symptom, however, as while my nasal passages currently feel fine they remain red and inflamed. At the same time, the roof of my mouth and throat feels dry while my teeth, lips, tongue and lower portion of the mouth remain moist!

    Finally, I was suffering with headaches, jaw ache and occasional tinnitus before I started taking Fluconazole yesterday. Now these symptoms have diminished, while I felt my salvia flow improve during the night.

    I'm really confused and not sure what's going on, I have a visit to an ENT specialist coming soon but am not sure I can wait that long. If anyone can help I'd be grateful!



  • 6 months ago

    RE: Suffering with strange symptoms....

    Did you ever find a solution to this health problem? I had dry sinuses and many other symptoms as a result of mold toxicity. I was being exposed to mold and didn't really realize it or think much of it. Mold illness and candida overgrowth are commonly found together, especially when there is antibiotic use involved.

    You may want to consider wether the origin of your sinusitis is from fungus and allergies.

    If it is, you may need to remove yourself from the mold exposure, and eliminate all sugars and mycotoxin foods until you feel better. In advanced cases you may have to get rid of all fabrics and porous materials from the moldy environments and take a binding supplement like cholestyramine.