• 7 months ago

    Was I misdiagnosed?

    So about two and a half weeks ago I returned from a camp I volunteered at feelings awful. I woke up with a sudden intense sore throat and came home feeling super achy and had a fever that lasted about a day. I assumed it was simply a cold and didn't receive medical treatment for it right away. Over the course of two weeks I felt a lot better in every aspect except for my throat. I also developed a cough. By the end of those two weeks things started to get worse and my right ear started aching. I finally decided to see a doctor and they told me I had the flu. They didn't ask me many questions and didn't tell me any information about it or my symptoms. That was four days ago, and I've been taking all the medicine they've prescribed but it hasn't seemed to be getting better. I've also noticed white bumps on the back of my throat. Luckily I haven't had a fever again, but I'm leaving on another big camping trip tomorrow and I'm worried I won't get better. Is it certain that I have the flu? what else can I be doing to speed up the recovery process?