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    Eustachian tube dysfunction cause and symptoms. Anxiety and hormones?

    I'm a 28 year old woman currently having difficulty with ETD in both ears. I was first diagnosed four years ago, and the etd cleared up after 6+ months. Between then and now I have had ETD flare ups almost every year, some lasting several weeks, some lasting over 6 months. In fact, my ears are never 100% fixed; 90% maybe, but i always have mild symptoms that don't affect my daily life too much, until i have another flare up and then it is debilitating. I feel nauseated, (have vomited on the rare occasions when it has been very bad), feel off-balance, feel like i am constantly going up and down like on a boat, feel sudden rushes like i am falling (this disturbs my sleep), have brain fog, fatigue, feel very anxious and on the verge of tears. All those symptoms subside when the pressure in my ears subsides. The doctors do nothing except give me steroid nasal spray and say to wait it out, but the spray does nothing even when taken for months, and i have etd so often that i spend 6 months at a time debilitated by it. It is not just a bit of ear pressure and hearing noises. I have noticed that my monthly cycle affects it too, symptoms being worse before my period starts. I have read online that hormones can affect the eustachian tube, and am wondering if it is possible that a hormonal imbalance is the cause of these reoccurring and chronic etd problems? I have also read that thyroid disorders can cause etd but this is little known. I do not seem to have other symptoms of thyroid issues nor hormonal imbalance but has anyone else noticed a connection? I have not had my blood tested for such things and am not sure an nhs dr would even consider the possibility. I know that allergies can be a cause but i begin suffering in the winter months, not spring or summer, and do not have a blocked nose or watery eyes. Would it be worth asking a dr to be tested for allergies?

    Also, has anyone found coping mechanisms for the emotional symptoms etd can cause? Would anxiety meds help? I am not sure if they would since the anxiety is directly associated with the ear pressure and movement symptoms.

    Any help would be much appreciated. I would really like to find a cause for this since it happens so frequently. I cannot find a reason for the flare ups, i do not have a cold before it starts. The first time i had etd it began with a virus, and perhaps it has damaged the eustachian tubes. But it would be nice to figure out what starts the flare ups.


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    RE: Eustachian tube dysfunction cause and symptoms. Anxiety and hormones?

    Hi Jayeffi I understand your pain, I am there with the same issue, I have found that not only allergies, but sugar, and dairy will increase mucus production, and increase my symptoms. I am coming off of a flare as we speak its so frustrating and its hard to understand of you've never experienced it. Good luck hope this helps!
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        Thank you for your reply! I appreciate you taking the time. It turns out that I am not actually suffering from ETD after all. It couod possibly be Vestibular Migraine. I am waiting for test results from a neurologist. It's a long, long process of waiting on the nhs, and i feel a little frustrated i was fobbed off for so many years by a gp telling me it was etd. Hopefully i can get a proper diagnosis and treatment soon.
      • 2 months ago
        Let us know how it goes!