• 8 months ago

    Possible Eustachian tube dysfunction with troubling neck pain symptoms. Is it serious?

    I came down with an upper respiratory infection about a month ago and somewhere in the process my ears began to ring. I had head and sinus pressure and congestion during the episode. Now a month later i have been having chronic ringing in my ears and my ears pop every time i swallow for a whole month now. I have also been experiencing shooting pains along with stuffy ears. My new symptom has me worried. yesterday I began to have a stiff dull neck pain. It went away after taking ibuprofen at about 3 AM but it has come back. In addition I am having a pressure in both ears that comes and goes. I have made an appointment with the ENT but it in not for several weeks as they are booked. My primary doctor looked at my ears about a week ago and did not find any signs of infection but the neck pain has me worried along with a minor headache that I experienced yesterday, Please help, is it serious?