• 10 months ago

    ear pain when swallowing and sore scalp

    It started with cold like symptoms including a minor sore throat and lots of yellowish green mucus. I treated it like a normal cold using home remedies and those symptoms went away after a week but during this my ear would hurt everytime I swallowed only on one side. Certain spots on my head also hurt when touched or my hair moves like my scalp is very sore in those places. I tried to look for any change in the skin on my scalp but haven't noticed any difference.

    Thinking that it is an ear infection and being over a week I have been taking antibiotics and ear drops along with ibuprofen to try and reduce swelling and pain. I feel better when I wake up but symptoms return to the same throughout the day. It has been about 9 days since I first noticed a sore throat and started getting cold symptoms and I cant find any reasons why I would be having issues with my ear only when swallowing and scalp when touched.

    I am currently in Europe and have VA healthcare so haven't seen doctor and can't afford one


  • 10 months ago

    RE: ear pain when swallowing and sore scalp

    You've been taking unprescribed antibiotics? I strongly advise you against that. You know what that does to your immune system plus causing you resistance to antibiotics? Consultations in Europe aren't cheap but it's better then having an infection that is going to spread to your throat, ears, nose and potentially eyes.
    Please go see a Dr.