• 7 months ago

    Recurring strep toddler

    My daughter is 19 months old, she's is in the 75th percentile for growth, talking well, walking, etc, reaching all her milestone early or on time. So she's healthy- except for the fact that she's gotten strep 12 times since she was 4 months old. It's almost once a month. Then we think she's better, and go in for a check up- guess what, she has strep! There's been 2 times where it didn't test positive for strep, but it looked like strep; both of those times she had to be on 2 rounds of Antibiotics to kick the infection. They've given her antibiotics (amox, ceph, etc) every time. She was getting ear infections each time she got sick, so they put tubes in her ears around three months ago. Since then she has been on antibiotics a total of 23 days, and now we are starting again with some more strep. They thought with so much blockage in her ears, the infection was staying trapped in there, and that when it would leak out randomly, causing her to have another throat infection. But now, they are just saying that she will probably get strep every time she's exposed to it at all. We already use germX or wet wipes after every outing, park, library etc. And everytime she's sick, I disinfect everything 3 days into the antibiotics.

    I feel like we can't hang out with other kids anymore, with out her getting strep like 5 days after. And when she's sick we don't go around them until the Dr looks at her and says she's well. So now, she's terrified and TOTALLY NOT used to kids her age, and only likes older kids & adults. I buy toys that are easy to disinfect (except those darn Legos ). We don't get to go to church about 50% of the time, or birthday parties etc. I have friends who's siblings or children have had cancer/transplants/other immunity suppressing diseases that we just can never be around. I'm worried for her health, the antibiotics, and the stress this brings to her and our family. Any input welcome and appreciated.
    She's completely vaccinated.
    she has no other signs of autism, so we don't think that's why she has problems with other kiddos. But opinions and advice on helping her play with others the few times we get to are welcome as well. Please help! I really want for her to be healthy and happy!