• 9 months ago

    Fluid behind the ear drum

    I flew on a plane about 3 weeks ago and my ears were got clogged. One never popped. I went to the Dr's after 2 weeks and they gave me ear drops and Zpack . Seems I had some allergy or cold. That didn't work. I went back after a week they gave me prednisone for inflammation. The dr thinks I might have fluid behind the ear drum. He told me I should hear again by the 3rd day. It's been 5 still can't hear and the meds are not working. He said if you can't hear by the 6 day you should see a ENT Dr. I'm getting nervous. Feeling like this is permanent. It's been 3 weeks. Dr said when he look in with the light the light doesn't reflect back because of inflammation. I thought the prednisone would have worked. Should I be worried?