• 9 months ago


    I have had a headace now and multiple symptoms for 3 months! I am desperate to figure out what is wrong with me. Ive had head ct scans and mris done and all come back normal. All of my symptoms began with a diagnosis at the VA of swimmers ear, ear infection and upper respiratory infection. I was given Flonase and antibiotics . It seemed as if I was getting better but after the 10 days of being on antibiotics. I was having the headaches still along with ear pain. I have been suffering with these tension like headaches and ear pain for 3 months. I took a ct in and a mri in December a sinus ct in January and In February I took a second ct with contrast and noticed a posterior lymph node swollen to 9mm. Again I took a 10 day course of even stronger antibiotics (Augentin 875) to knock out the infection found on the ct scan of the lymph node. When I was on this course of antibiotics I became very fatigued there were days I would sleep for 15 hours. I got a yeast infection from the meds as well as I feel like I now have a bladder infection. I have too many symptoms going on and I cant get a dr to help guide me to at least figure out why I am having these daily headaches and ear pain. I have crusting in my nose. I believe the lymph node swelling is from a scalp infection but a hair strand test pulled from a dermatlogists read negative. There were small pimples in my head and I did have a lot of itching when all of this started. I have been washing my hair with ketoconazole shampoo DAILY and this seems to have helped with the itching. My hair is very dry though. The pimples on my head still remain. This is weird for me because I havent had acne since I was 18 Im 33 and all of this acne appeared when I started getting sick. My dr wants me to take a mri of my neck with contrast tomorrow. I am worried that all of these scans with contrast is damaging me. My dr wants me to schedule another ct scan with contrast of my neck to see if we should biopsy the lymph node. These headaches and fatigue I am having is ridiculous. I just would like to know if someone can review my blood work or tell me some more tests that I could request that might possible show what the heck is wrong with me. I think I still have some weird ear infection but I have been to 4 diferent ents and they all say that there is no fluid behind the ear and no infection present. All of this started around the time I thought it was a bright idea to learn to swim with a group at my local public city pool. Again any feedback is highly appreciated.