• 9 months ago

    Constant ear infections and ear pain

    I'll start off by stating that I am 16 years old, and an overall healthy teenage girl. When I was younger, (toddler age) I got frequent ear infections that my doctor said would go away as I got older. I also had highly sensitive ears. I stopped getting them almost completely as I got into school age. Now, when I turned 16, things got bad again. I started with a minor ear infection and was treated with, I believe, Zithromax. This gave me some bad symptoms/ side effects. Being the naïve young self I am, I stopped taking this medication too early because my ear pain was gone and the side effects were almost unbearable. The following month, I got another ear infection. I tried telling myself it was just a little pain that would fade, but it got worse. I ended up at the urgent care again. They prescribed another medication. I did take it, but the prescription made my heart race, and I was constantly sweating so much I couldn't even think about my ear pain. As usual, the pain wore off , but I ended up with another the next few months. I eventually was sent to an ENT, where they examined my ears. They told me the pain was due to my allergies, and they ran an allergy test where they found I was allergic to many, many things. I ended up receiving an Epipen that I have to carry around everywhere. Now, I am having more ear pain. This time, after being exposed to loud noises last night in a city, my ears were ringing and have pain. I don't know if I should be concerned about this. I've always had more sensitive ears than usual.