• over 1 year ago

    Inner Ear Problems and Other Symptoms

    I recently went on a two-week trip to Paris with my girlfriend. Towards the end of our trip, she developed a cold, which I caught two days later. Up to a couple of days ago, I was exhibiting normal cold-like symptoms: lightly scratchy sore throat, mild cough, and sinus congestion. I was given an over-the-counter medication in France that is similar to Mucinex, and I've been taking that for about six days.

    Upon my arrival home four days ago, I was feeling much better but noticed that the congestion had moved to my ears and seemingly stagnated. Yesterday I woke up with mild balance issues and vertigo. I went about my day normally, but was nauseous by the end of the day.

    Late last night, I quickly developed chills that got worse over time. Thinking I probably had a fever, I took my temperature and was shocked to see that it was 96.3 degrees. I was slowly getting colder. I immediately put un multiple layers of clothing and a heavy blanket and was able to get myself back into the 98 degree range after about four hours.

    My questions are these: Could my sudden drop in temperature be related to my cold and possible inner-ear issues? If not, what could it have been caused by? Could my inner-ear issues be caused by something other than my cold and congestion?

    My girlfriend is now fine, and did not exhibit any ear or temperature problems when she had her cold.