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    Constant throat clearing / mucus

    Hi! For about 7 months now I have felt like there is something stuck in my throat. I am constantly clearing my throat, and when I do, the feeling goes away briefly, but returns minutes later. Some days are worse than others, but when I clear my throat there is definitely mucus in the back of it. It seems like post-nasal drip, BUT it gets worse with certain foods/drinks, such as caffeine, carbination. I have a history of acid reflux, and have been on and off antacids, but that has't helped the clogged throat at all.

    I went to an ENT about 5 months ago. She did a nasal endoscopy and said everything looked fine (I had slightly excessive mucus, but nothing concerning). So she orginially thought it could be allergies. She gave me a prescription nasal spray and recommended coupling it with an over-the-counter saline spray and Allegra. I did that for about a month and didn't notice a significant difference. My throat still felt clogged nonstop.

    *** I want to note that there is no pain, just EXTREME discomfort as I am feeling like a lump is in the back of my throat 24/7.

    So after the attempt at solving the problem with allergy medication did not work, she thought it might be the acid reflux creeping into my esophagus. She prescribed me Omerprazole, which I took for about a month or so, and still noticed no difference.

    The final measure I took with this ENT doctor, was a wallow scan. She sent me to a lab where I had an x-ray while I swallowed a liquid (apologies for the non-technical language). Essentially, this test would show what was happening when I swallow, i.e. is it going down and back up my throat, is it getting stuck somewhere, etc. The results came back and they said it was completely normal... stale mate.

    She then referred me to a gastroenterologist. He unfortunately was of no help. He basically said that this issue needs to be resolved by an ENT because the upper throat is not in "his area." He also said that the sensation I have in my throat may just be in my head. Not helpful and not true. He said I could take an antihistamine and that might help.

    Anyway, I haven't been to another doctor yet, but I have scheduled an appointment with a new ENT next week. I just figured it would be worthwhile to post this and see if anyone has any insights or thoughts to share.

    Quick breakdown of what I am experiencing:
    - 24/7 feeling that something is stuck in my throat / tightness
    - Constant throat clearing
    - Heightened symptoms after drinking caffeine or carbonation
    - Mucus in back of throat


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    RE: Constant throat clearing / mucus

    I have had the exact same problem for at least 5 years with no luck from doctors either. Constant phlegm in my throat that never goes away, even with throat clearing or allergy meds. I also use an inhaler for asthma but it doesn't affect or seem related to this issue as it has no affect at all on the phlegm. I will follow your post to see if anyone has had success with this issue or if you find a solution.
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    RE: Constant throat clearing / mucus

    I have dealt with continual throat clearing my entire life. I have gone to ENT doctors, family doctors, Gastroenterologists, witch doctors, and every other type of medical person that I know of. Absolutely NOTHING has worked. I take 40 MG of Protonix daily. I take Zyrtec daily. I take Lipitor daily. I have tried homeopathic meds, sinus irrigation methods. I have found Hall's sugar free lozenges to help a little. I am beside myself for answers. My throat clearing has cost me two jobs over the years. One of which was with a health care facility. (So much for caring about disabilities). It has affected my marital relationship. I cannot begin to convey the hardship that this condition has caused me over the years. I have prayed about it. I guess my only solace is from the Apostle Paul having prayed for God to remove the health difficulty from which he suffered. I will continue to seek a solution or some mitigation. Should I find some level of relief, you may rely on me sharing.
      • 9 months ago
        I’ve been suffering with the same symptoms for almost 2 yrs. I’m on omeperozol 40 mg and 2 Zantac 150 mg. I’ve been seein an ENT for the last couple of months. It seems to get better, but I also have a cough along with it. The throat clearing is annoying for sure
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    RE: Constant throat clearing / mucus


    I have been experiencing very similar symptoms as you have for the past 5 months.

    What started out as an upper respiratory infection, turned into severe throat irritation and even blood mixed in which sputum. I took antibiotics for a few months which helped fight the infection, but my throat stayed very irritated.

    My doctor told me it may be a burst capillary in my throat which is causing the irritation.

    I have been prescribed allergy medicine, omeprozol and prednisone all of which did not help.

    Symptoms I'm having: - Constant clearing of my throat
    - Mucus stuck in throat feeling
    - Blood mixed in with my sputum

    Please let me know what medicines you recommend which may attack the above symptoms. As I continue to seek out ENTs who can help tackle this problem, any advice from people with similar symptoms would be valuable.
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    RE: Constant throat clearing / mucus

    Have you found out anything? Ive been haven the same problem. Tired of going to the dr. Finding out nothing.. Spending over $ 3500
      • 9 months ago
        Nothing yet. What doctors have you seen already?
      • 9 months ago
        Still no luck for me. I have seen several doctors over the years. Over the past 10 or so years, I have been the ENT in Fort Wayne with usually the same answers. Reflux. I had an endoscopy done which showed "slight" reflux issues. I take Protonix which seems to do absolutely nothing for reduction of post nasal drip phlegm clearing throat issues. Very frustrating. Over the years the throat clearing has cost me two jobs wherein they used it as an excuse to let me go but did not directly say so. It has been hard on my married life and just plain annoying. My cousin had the same issue and had a fundaplication operation done. She still takes a PPI and Zyrtech daily but doesn't seem to have the throat clearing problem. Seeing my doctor on Aug 15. Fingers crossed.
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    RE: Constant throat clearing / mucus

    I’ve been going to an ENT for the past couple of months. Had the swallow test, normal. Did the check down the throat, said the top of the esophagus was a bit inflamed. He put me on Omeperozol 40 mg, and Zantac 150 mg twice a day. He said since I have been having this for so long, I’m probably going to have to be on this Protocall at least 6 months. I can no longer sing cause my voice will cut out and was having problems even carrying on a conversation and would start to cough. I don’t like taking the PPI’s because of people having side effects, but I have to see if the inflammation calms down.
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    RE: Constant throat clearing / mucus

    Hi - when I was around 35 this started happening to me too. I gets very bad when it's winter cold season. I had it for about 3 months straight one winter (went to the ENT 2x - he seemed annoyed the 2nd time - told me not to come back till I changed my diet to get rid of EVERYTHING that can cause reflux). Zantac helps a tad, but not completely. Other than that, I have never really found a solution.

    Good luck.
      • 8 months ago
        Yeah, I went to a few ENTs for multiple opinions and they told me the same thing (improve diet and on Omeprozole 40mg). Hopefully this helps with reducing the inflammation. I still don't know LPR (silent reflux as I was diagnosed) can constantly cause consistently blood tinged sputum.


        Good Luck to you as well. I would love to keep in touch through this message board if you notice improvements. Nice to know there are others going through this. Also, let me know what you do to deal with any anxiety that may be result of these symptoms.
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    RE: Constant throat clearing / mucus

    About the same level of luck that I have experienced. *sigh*
      • 8 months ago
        Wish you best of luck. I'll keep you updated with any treatments that help me.
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    RE: Constant throat clearing / mucus

    try using a salt inhaler. I have a similar issue and it seems to help a bit
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    RE: Constant throat clearing / mucus

    Hi all! I just wanted to write back in to follow up. Unfortunately, I am still dealing with this issue.

    I really appreciate all of your comments & feedback. Like gdep said, it’s comforting to know others are going through the same thing. I have to say though, at the same time, it it is pretty disheartening knowing that so many of us deal with this and are unable to find a solution.

    The second ENT I mentioned was really good. He wasn’t insistent on getting to the bottom of it. But like most of us have experiences, I feel like he kind of hit a dead end.

    I had two cultures for staph that came back positive (but the antibiotics didn’t clear my throat), an ultrasound for thyroid nodules, a sinus scan, allergy tests and blood test. Though some of the tests showed results, none of the cures helped with the throat clearing.

    I haven’t been back to a doctor in several months, but I am planning on going to a new doctor with all this information.

    I will keep you all posted on any new information I have.