• over 1 year ago

    Intense ear itching, can't get a diagnosis

    Okay so my problem started some months ago, before last summer. One day my inner right ear started to itch really bad, i could feel all the way down to my throat whenever i swallowed. It went away for a couple of weeks but then started again, after the summer. I have visited 3 or 4 different ear nose and throat doctors, including an allergist, and none of them could find anything, they all checked inside my ear, double checked. Their answer was the same, "I don't see anything wrong with your ear", so when i visited the 4th and final doctor, he told me that he strongly believes it's anxiety and that i should just try to stop reacting to it, the truth is i did have some anxiety issues before all that, but they were gone. I took his advice and somehow, after a few days of not paying any attention to it, it went away. Now it's returned, and i really don't think it's anxiety, started a few days ago, during the day, tried to ignore it, until yesterday. It woke me up in the middle of the night, that's never happened to me before, i woke up because of the itching, it was so bad, like i said it starts inside my right ear all the way down to my rightmost throat and i feel hopeless because there's nothing i can do about it, it's worse than any other time, i'm afraid doctors will start ignoring me and blame it on anxiety again. (Note: i searched it up a little, and I'd like to mention that there's a considerable cockroach infestation in my house, level of seriousness: they crawl all over the kitchen counters at night, but have been spotted in bedrooms too, we've tried calling an exterminator multiple times, but it's an apartment on the 4th floor, and no matter how many times we get rid of them, they keep coming back, from other apartments, mentioned all this just in case, although even the allergist told me that he couldn't do or see anything)