• RE: Twitching eardrum

    I also experienced this very scary and frustrating health issue. I would like to share how it was solved to help others who also have it. First, it would help if I explained how it started. One night I had little sleep, around 3-4 hours. I foolishly stayed up all the following night playing a super intense video game. Before going to sleep that morning, I was hearing the twitching and thudding noise in my ear, like a spasm in my ear. When I woke up, it was still there. I also had a twitch under one of my eyes. And then the twitching would not stop. It was very frightening. The noise was going on non-stop in my ear. It was extremely annoying. I cried out to the Lord Jesus to help me. And God showed me how to stop it: by relaxing. I did a lot of research online, and relaxation was a common and effective recommendation for how to treat this twitching. I learned that in my case the twitching was brought on by being super intense and stressed physically. I had strained the muscle in my ear so much that it went into spasms. I believe that this is God's design when we overexert a part of our bodies. It is his way of telling us to loosen up. The answer then was to let the ear muscle rest and relax to recover. So the following week I tried to sleep a lot. I slept around 10-12 hours some nights. I took long restful warm baths. I tried hard to relax my body physically. After about 7 days the twitching started to subside. When it started going away, I felt like crying. Thank God! The twitching continued happening less and less until it was gone after around 12 days. I know some other people may have different cases than mine, but for people whose situation is like me, I hope this helps. God bless you!