• 6 months ago

    Fever for more than 4 days

    I had sore throat for about a week. I didn't care much thinking it would go away naturally. The nose was not runny. I was having some difficulty swallowing food and water. One evening I got fever 104°F. I experienced fatigue, muscle pain, headaches, pain behind my eyeballs and chills. I consulted a doctor. He prescribed amoxycilin(to treat the infection) and mefnol(for fever). The fever rises again as soon as the medicine loses its effect. Next day I could see some ulcers on my tongue and my teeth and gums aching and swollen. I noticed white rashes inside my throat. I'm tired of the medication as it doesn't seem to reduce the white rashes in my throat. I don't have headache or body pain now. But I am constantly having fever once mefnol and paracetamol lose their effects. I'm adding a photo to show my throat. Please help.