• 6 months ago

    Painless Swollen Lymph Nodes 4 months

    In May...I was 3 months pregnant. I had very minor flu symptoms. At this time, I noticed my right lymph node was swollen, but painless. I self-medicated and took a course of Cipro. A week later, I saw my family doctor who was acting as my OB/GYN. He noted that both of my lymph nodes were swollen. My flu was gone. I no longer had pregnancy symptoms. He didn't offer any explanation or treatment. 5 days later I had a traumatic miscarriage. It was extremely painful and bloody. I had my first appointment with the Maternal Fetal doctor a few days later. She could not determine the reason for the miscarriage. She discovered I was anemic from the blood loss during the miscarriage and prescribed me Iron. I didn't see my family doctor until July 24th because his office scheduled me the wrong day in June and couldn't get me in until July 24-- yeah, they still thought I was in the middle of a troubled pregnancy (3 prior miscarriages during the previous 12 months) when they didn't promptly reschedule me. On July 24, my lymph nodes in my neck were even larger. When I turn my neck, they 'pop' with a movement as my neck 'innards' move to make room for them. I told my family doctor. He told me he had no idea and would have to ask a more knowledgeable doctor and get back to me. He said he'd recheck my iron levels and call me. No one called me, so I called the nurse and the receptionist told me it must be fine or someone would have called me. On August 25, I saw my family doctor. My lymph nodes were still huge. He told me he forgot to ask another doctor and would get back to me next month about it. In the meantime, he noted my Iron levels in July were still only at a 9, so he told me to keep taking the Iron supplements and he'd call another doctor to ask about my lymph nodes and he'd call me about my iron levels. That was his only treatment for me. He took blood for my iron level but no other testing was done. The next day, the nurse called me about my iron levels from July. I told her I'd already seen the doctor in the meantime, so she called me a month too late. (smh).
    Obviously my doctor and his support staff are incompetent. It took the nurse 5 weeks to send my records to the maternal fetal clinic so they'd see me, even though the doctor said I was at such high risk that I needed to be seen immediately. I miscarried before the nurse even sent my paper work in, despite me calling every day.
    I live in a very remote location and this is my ONLY option for a doctor. I'm 43. My only health condition is late stage lyme disease.
    I have no symptoms of infection or cold. I've never had swollen lymph nodes like this before. They do not hurt. They move around and feel soft on the inside, but solid underneath that.
    Any ideas on what is wrong with me?