• 6 months ago

    ear problems tinnitus

    I am suffering from tinnitus for the past 8days. Initially i went to physician docter and suggested me to ENT.After checking with my ENT he seen my ear just for 5seconds in each ear and told me that i having old nerve problem and hearing loss.he suggested hydrogenperoxide cream and white vinegar to mix it and take in both ear.i dont hv a ear pain till now..only problem is tinnitus.After taking large amount of white vinegar in right ear..it hurts really bad.it went straight to throat.now i feel burning senstion on my right ear throught the neck and throat.my physician told me that i may have middle ear infection but ENT not confirmed anything.After driving 1hr to ENT docter he just seen and talk to me only 2minutes. what a waste of money and time.
    iam really tired now.I dont know what Iam doing sometimes..feeling crazy.
    can anyone tell me how much time does it heal burning sensation after pouring white vinegar in ear?now i need to cure burning sensation instead of tinnitus..