• 6 months ago

    Is my thyroid under-active?

    I recently went to the doctor for a check up because I'd gained thirty pounds, felt fatigue that got worse after exercise, and my eczema was flaring up. I got blood work done, and found that my TSH level was at 4.830, my CRP at 3.8, my cholesterol 233 (I'm only 22 years old), triglyceride 203, and LDL Cholesterol 133.

    My doctor says that he thinks it's just allergies that have my CRP high and that my cholesterol isn't that bad, nor the TSH high. I just wanted a second opinion, since I've read that anything above a 4.5 for TSH can mean an underactive thyroid, and considering the symptoms I've been experiencing, I don't think this is just an average case of allergies.

    *something to note: I'm currently working to switch off of Lexapro (SSRI) that I've been taking for depression, to see if my energy improves. So far, it's just gotten worse.


  • 5 months ago

    RE: Is my thyroid under-active?

    For months I gained weight, and all my test came back good on my Thyroid, until my doctor said he wanted to run one more test and it was Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Ab. They don't normally run this one unless they have a concrete reason too. But it was like no time and my Lab numbers went crazy. Since they put me on levothyroxine, I have seen a big difference. I still struggle with my weight, but it's getting better. Good Luck