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    Balloon Sinuplasty complications/facial pain

    Hello! I had a balloon sinuplasty 2 weeks ago due to chronic sinusitus. I do not have a deviated septum. The procedure was incredibly uncomfortable (I would never do it out-patient if I would've known the amount of pain I'd feel), the first week was terrible, and I am still experiencing excruciating facial pressure, particularly in my cheeks, which comes in waves. I have already switched ENTs since the ENT who did the procedure told me it was okay to have an 8-hour nosebleed on the day of the procedure (not just tinted with blood but blood literally running down my face like a sieve) and a 3-hour bleed a week later after he attempted to pull one of my scabs off (he was wrong and I lost enough blood that my hemoglobin level is now below-normal). My new ENT is great and wants to look more at my allergies (I am allergic to some molds) but I am curious if anyone else had this much pain following this procedure. She started me on a course of antibiotics today and I'm hoping it helps because I'm taking Tylenol every 4 hours and waking up in the middle of the night with incredible pain once it wears off. I use saline nasal spray four times a day, follow an anti-inflammatory diet, do acupressure, use steam/warm moist heat packs on my face, and use the neti pot when not suffering from nosebleeds. I had to stop Motrin/other NSAIDS because they were partly responsible for the severity of the nosebleeds I had post-op. I just keep reading hw people go back to work the next day and I am astounded. The pressure in my face is still terrible. The ent that did the procedure never mentioned anything to me about it being painful or the recovery period beforehand, but when I saw him last week, he said it's a 90-day recovery period. I am ready for relief!


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    RE: Balloon Sinuplasty complications/facial pain

    I had a balloon sinuplasty done yesterday by Dr. Wyll in Dallas as an in-office procedure and my experience was the opposite. The procedure was not exactly pain free but it was not that big of a deal. (There is no such thing as a pain free anything, that's a unicorn.) I would much rather do in office than have to check into a hospital. I had very little bleeding and today I am breathing fine. Little tender but no big deal. For being 24 hours out, I am very pleased with everything. I would highly recommend vetting your provider and ask how many of these procedures they have done to date. That's where I'd start. I would rather be patient #200 than #2.
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    I made an account just to
    Comment on this. I do have a deviated septum and my balloon sinuplasty was excruciating and the ENT had a very hard time doing the procedure. I have had chronic severe facial pain every day for the 16 months since. I have seen other ENTs and neurologists. No one knows what to do with me.