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    Do upper ear piercings cause infections?

    I went to get an upper ear piercing today at my local pharmacy and the pharmacist refused to do it because according to her upper ear piercings often cause infections. I told her that I read online that you just needed to clean it with saline solution twice a day and it should be fine. She said that she didn't care what I read and that I'm taking an unnecessary risk. Is what she said true then?


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    RE: Do upper ear piercings cause infections?

    Hello Maryem,
    Upper ears ARE more vulnerable to infections because their blood supply is reduced compared to the earlobe. Cartilage doesn't have good blood perfusion, which reduces healing and increases infection risk. Having said that, she was being over-cautious. If you have hoops put in when the piercing is done, and clean them rigorously, you should be fine. Use more than saline, however... Use a cottonball with hydrogen peroxide, and twirl the hoop so the H3O gets into the pierce. THEN rub a tiny bit of the generic triple antibiotic ointment on the hoop and twirl it into the pierce as well. If you get a small infection (fair chance), give the nurse at your clinic a call.
    Ed, RN
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    Thanks for your question!
    In general, any piercing can potentially be infected. That's why its so important to go somewhere you trust, and that will do the piercing in a very clean manner. Piercings in upper ears tend to be in cartilage; some experts have reported that these may get infected more often because of the semi-hard area underneath the skin. But many people who get it in that area, don't get infected.

    If you choose to do it in this area, you need to be more careful in cleaning it and keeping it clean after it has been done by the right person. Make sure that the health professional who is doing it, has done it many times before and feels comfortable doing it.

    Hope this helps!