• 4 months ago

    I can't smell

    Hey to start of i would like to mention that i am sixteen so sorry in advance for any term i may used wrong, so for as long as i can remember i cant smell anything with the exception of vicks and rubbing alcohol my mom and i went to the doctor today and i got an appointment to the specialist but that will take 6 month to set up...I used salt water today and i discover that i not only have problems smelling but breathing when i would apply the salt water to my left nostril i felt mucus in the right one and vice versa it seems that it moves nostrils and now when i take deep breaths i feel the blockage in one of the nostrils.
    PS:I CAN TASTE(the doctor had a tough time believing i could taste but not smell)
    -Also wanted to mention that the salt water burn inside my nostril did it once not planning on doing it again.
    Thanks in advance.