• 4 months ago

    When to see an ENT...3wks on

    Around June 11th, I developed an awful sore throat/cough combo. Was given antibiotics for inner ear pain and told the cough was caused by something viral. It took almost a week and a half for the cough to clear up.

    I'm still experiencing drainage though. And a week after the cough went away, I experienced sudden, sharp ear pain that went down into my neck. Next day, same thing on the opposite side and suddenly, both lymph nodes were swollen.

    It'll be 2 weeks tomorrow, and while they've gone down some in size, those nodes are still swollen. Plus I still have drainage and a lump in my throat sensation. Last week, I had the occasional sharp, shooting pain above my eyebrows. Temporary, lasted seconds when they came, and aren't happening at all now. Now today, part of my nose and front teeth feel slightly numb.

    What in the world is going on in my face?? Could I now have a mild sinus infection?