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  • 8 hours ago

    Strep-Throat: How long does the white streak last?

    I had a scratchy throat last Friday and found a large white streak on my tonsil and going down my throat. I went to an urgent care Saturday morning and they diagnosed me with Strep without testing it. I was put on an antibiotic. Now it's Monday night and I realize it's only been about 60 hours but I am not feeling better and my throat doesn't look better at all, if anything worse. I've been reading that white streaks can also be viral and in that case are not helped by antibiotics....
  • 9 hours ago

    11-year-old with constant horrible congestion & cold symptoms

    My daughter, age 11, has been stuck with horrible cold-like symptoms for about a year now. The main thing is that her nose is awfully congested and runny (if she leans back, you can see how filled and overflowing it is). She also has a minor wet cough, but that is much more manageable. By now we have figured out quite the "system" - since she needs to blow her nose every 2-10 minutes (no joke), she has packs of tissues in her desk and bag at school, there are boxes all over my house, and....
  • 13 hours ago

    Any help; Appreciate it :)

    So, about 3 years ago, I was pretty normal. I was living my life, having fun. On New Year’s Eve, I started experiencing an odd ache behind my ear, along the skull. I immediately told my mother about it and she took me to the doctors, they brushed it off and said it was a normal migraine and that it would go away eventually. The pain never went away. I started getting very bad jaw aches, to the point where I’d start crying. I went to my dentist, they said it was normal and for two years straight they....
  • 1 day ago

    Persistent laryngitis

    I have had a case of persistent laryngitis for over a month and a bronchitis flare for over two months. I,ve been under a lot of stress and have been to my doctor and been through two rounds of antibiotics and steroids. I still have it and it refuses to get better. Any ideas?
  • 1 day ago

    Esophagus Specialist

    My uncle asked me to get this information for him. The cartilage in his esophagus shut down 8 days ago. He cannot drink or eat. He currently has a feeding tube in his nose, is severely dehydrated due to diarrhea that does not seem to be stopping. The hospital is talking about putting in a feeding tube in his stomach, which he does not want. He is wanting to know if there are specialists that can repair the damage to his esophagus. I'm sorry I don't have much more information. I am doing this....
  • 1 day ago

    Uvala is swollen, but no pain

    I was wondering if choking on food can cause someone's uvula to swell
  • 2 days ago

    Reinfestation of lIce in Ears, Nose, Throat & Eyelashes

    I have lived the horrendous nightmare for a year and half. I have educated myself to know that after so many times of being reinfested over and over again not knowing why that the infestation has become so severe it has now entered into my body through my ears and nose and are even found in my mouth. I have gone to the emergency room now over 4 times only for them to hand me a prescription of permetrin cream and send me on my way. When i would explain to them i had pulled lice from my eyebrows and....
  • 3 days ago

    Ear plugged

    I came down with cold this last week and my ears head chest but, mostly my ears are really rotating me it’s only my left ear but I don’t like not being able to hear out of it it’s clean and I know the fluid is behind where I can’t see or that your wax. How do I get it out now ? Please help me
  • 3 days ago

    Wbu pneumonia

    I'm in hospital right now with severe pneumonia. My end is 27000??? All test came back beg for bacteria and viral. Is there any other reason my and would be THIS high?
  • 6 days ago

    Cough ruining life

    Hello I am 22 years old. My cough started March 2017 after a bad winter of cold's. It comes from the throat, not the chest. It feels like Post nasal drip. Ive seen 2 ENT's 2 Allergist (one ent said my nostrils were inflamed, the other 6 months later did not) (The allergy tests came back negative). Ive got a CT scan on my sinus which showed "minimal mucuousal changes". Ive got a x ray of my lungs and a breathing test which came back normal. Ive had my thyroid ultrasound and bloodwork....