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  • 5 days ago

    Extreme ear fullness/pressure all day every day, accompanied by pressure in the head and behind the nose, also headaches

    The symptoms have lasted for over a month now. I'd get up in the morning, will feel some fullness in the head. A couple of hours later (depends on the day really, not accurate) ear fullness will come on, when I yawn, the ears pop for like 3-4 seconds, then return to the fullness again. When I'm lying down on my back, I feel extreme pressure in the back of the head accompanied by pressure/fullness in the ears and behind the nose. It also feels like something's pressing against the throat....
  • 7 days ago

    a headache

    My headache doesn't last long. I think she's had a headache for over six months. My whole head feels a headache. One day, there's a headache in the back, a headache in the front, and a headache in the rotation. It's not a bad pain, but it's not a long pain, but the time it takes to develop pain is short, but the pain occurs.
  • 8 days ago


    I am not sure if i should ask about it in this in this place. But I have a strong headache in the frontal part, a runny nose and my tempeture is 35.6 degrees celsius. I am not strassed or tired. I assumed it is coused by a cold so I drink tea and it didnt help. Also exercise increases the pain.
  • 16 days ago

    Sore Throat Around 6 months now

    Hey, So around 6 months ago I got a sore throat and a cough, after 3 months I noticed it wasn't easing or going away so I went to the doctor. He had a look and said he could see nothing wrong, and sent me home with antibiotics. They didn't help, its been another 3 months with the same issue and its not easing up. I'm not in agony but the left side of my throat has a sharp pain and I can feel it in my left ear also. I'm going to head back to the doctors but its super expensive as my....
  • 21 days ago

    I have warts on the back of my tongue and they are going down my throat is it rapid strep group A throat and Transient lingual papilltis

    I have sores or warts on the back of my tongue and down my throat some say rapid strep group A throat and Transient lingual papilltis or maybe a std I have herpes and and maybe warts in my vagina I haven't had sex in years but I am 46 single and I have a number of black heads on top of the outside of my vagina and sides of the pelvic area can that be treated with antibiotics
  • 24 days ago

    constant ear ringing

    Please Help!! I have experienced ringing in my ears for several years, but not this severe. I have been to an ENT, had a hearing test and surgery for a deviated septum. I have entered medications currently used and they do not seem to cause ringing. This started 4 days ago. I have used OTC drops with no relief. Please advise! Thanks!!
  • 26 days ago

    Blowing crazy thing out nose

    My husband blew his nose and a thing that looks like a brain to me came out. What could it be.. Does he need to see Dr. Or will he be okay.
  • Weird Sinus Symptoms

    Hi, So I have been dealing with sinus issues my whole life. About 8 years ago, my body flipped out on me. The left side of my face would feel tight , go numb, or would be painful in the teeth and jaw. The ENT did find a sinus infection and put me on strong antibiotics to treat it. However, I also started taking Zoloft to deal with the anxiety caused by the symptoms. Well after years of tapering down, I finally got off Zoloft a couple of months ago. Then about 5 weeks ago, I get a cold that turns....
  • 27 days ago

    Uncommon Issue: Clicking with apparent connection to engagement of the soft palate, ear popping when swallowing

    7 months ago or so, I noticed a certain clicking noise that seemed to be coming from my nasopharynx area when I said certain words. "Favor," "cookie," and "papa" to name a few. Although this clicking is not particularly noticeable to others, it is indeed audible if they know to be listening for it or if we are in a quiet space. It is very audible to myself and, more importantly, very audible to a microphone. As an aspiring voice actor, this issue has caused me much consternation....
  • 1 month ago

    Tonsil stones

    My 11 year old son had been diagnosed with a tonsil stone. He has had throat pain for the past two days. He has been gargling with salt water. I'm not sure what to do next.