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  • 18 days ago

    Bowel Movement Issues

    I went poop and it was really sharp/hard. Then my butthole was bleeding on the tp. What is wrong with me?!
  • 19 days ago

    IBS medication sensitivity

    I’ve suffered with stomach problems that are significant to IBS and I’ve self diagnosed myself. I have had blood work done that showed no food allergies, and all my symptoms are those of IBS (so I’m assuming it must be the cause). I was curious on whether or not anyone else with IBS has sensativity to medications such as ADHD medicine of Adipex? I can’t take any medication that’s a stimulant because have to run to the bathroom more often than normal when I take these types of medications. Has anyone....
  • 19 days ago

    Hemorrhoid external

    Hi there! I just noticed yesterday that around my anus that it was a little itchy and then when I looked there I saw a little skin tag looking thing coming out of my anus. It doesnt hurt when I go to the bathroom it is just kind of uncomfortable and feels like there is something in there. I believe it is an internal hemorrhoid that has prolapsed but I am questioning when the right time to go to the doctor would be if I just noticed this yesterday? I called my doctor and they were not in today but....
  • 22 days ago


    I believe I have gall stones, but not scheduled for an ultrasound until April 2. Any comfort ways to elevate pain?
  • 22 days ago

    Is it safe to eat the foam dinosaur pills? (asking for a friend)

    Is it safe to eat the foam dinosaur pills? (asking for a friend)
  • 23 days ago

    This lets in an method this is beyond symptom manage

    This lets in an method this is beyond symptom manage. Our intention is to pick out dysfunctions associated with nutritional deficiencies and accurate them before disorder is authorized to expand. Brain Organix Organic acids are metabolic intermediates produced in pathways of fundamental electricity manufacturing, cleansing, neurotransmitter breakdown, or intestinal microbial hobby. Accumulation of specific natural acids in urine frequently signals a metabolic inhibition or block. This can be because....
  • 25 days ago


    I took care of my mom for 7 yrs in our home, until we seen her off to the waiting Angels in 2016. Since taking care of her I have had recurrent bouts of IBS-D it seems to only hit when I think about leaving the house..or when I get rushed. I am wondering if this is anxiety induced. When I took care of my mom I was terrified of leaving her alone, afraid she would fall while I was away. This kept me in the house almost 24-7. I didn’t get enough vitamin D and started losing teeth left and right. So....
  • 25 days ago

    Chronic diarrhea with weight gain and bloating, lower back pain

    For at least over a month now I have diarrhrea every time I eat anything, and sometimes even if I don't eat anything. I am also constantly bloated and sometimes have pretty bad lower back pain. I have a history of pre-cancerous polyps and also have started going to a gym a couple of months ago. My brother has Celiacs, could I have it? Or is it possible this has been brought on by my increase in activity. I have so many other health issues and doctors, and I'm raising my 10 year old granddaughter....
  • 28 days ago


    I am writing to try and find help for my son. for the last five years he has suffered from chronic diarrhea,along with gas and bloating,and he has very bad body odor associated with this. He has been tested for everything from Cecelia to irritable bowl disease,and he has been on every diet you can name,and nothing is working. my son cannot keep a steady job,because people will complain about his body odor. he showers many many times a day,but as soon as he starts working he smells. My son lifts weights....
  • 1 month ago

    Esophagus Issues

    I am a 26 yr. old female. The last time I was able to eat solid food, I had to immediately throw it up because of pressure in my chest and the feeling that it was stuck. Fast forward 8 weeks and I have had an Upper GI scope that showed signs of GERD, a swallow study that came back fine, a esophageal motility study (or manometry) that showed an 'undiagnosed obstruction', and a CT scan that the dr says did not show anything that would be causing my symptoms. Has anyone else dealt with this....