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  • My bile movement has strong odor and mucus

    I recently noticed that my bile movement smells really strong and has a lil mucus I also have my breath smelling like poop and constantly have to clear my thoart and admonial pain and sides does anyone know what this might be it started a few months ago
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    Can cholesterol stones form in the retroperitoneal area
  • Petichiae and Diet

    I have severe gastroparesis and had a gastric pacer placed in October. Things have been rough ever since. I had acute renal failure, developed hypothyroidism, and have petichiae with low platelet count. My petichiae worsens when I eat carbs like plantains and sweet potatoes. Why is this?
  • Hiatal hernia, GERD or both?

    I’m a 22 year old female who is overweight in the 190’s but have currently lost a good amount of weight over the past year and am continuously exercising and losing weight. I was born early in the 90’s at 31 weeks and diagnosed with acid reflux a few months after I was born due to failure to gain weight from being unable to keep milk down. I was on zantac as a young child for it as well but it never controlled it very well and often got sick. Stomach pain, heart burn, vomiting and dizziness. I don....
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    I am a healthy 15 y/o female, with no pre-existing conditions. Normally, I am a very healthy person. Although about a month ago I got mono and bacterial pneumonia in my left lung at the same time. Since then, I have been experiencing symptoms. Anything I eat makes my stomach upset and i constantly have diarrhea, which is not fun while at school. I’ve experienced strange, almost dizzy spells, where I get very bad vertigo and almost faint, and then I return to normal and I just feel strange. I am also....
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    Cyclical vomiting is killing me

    Hi everyone. I got sick the first of Nov with a sore throat, unable to eat from pain, and a week later ended up in ICU with epiglottitis. I was given large amounts of steroids and antibiotics both in the hospital and at home. I was able to eat 1 full meal a day upon release. Around 3 days after release I began vomiting. I could not swallow any food and constantly vomited. I was put on ulcer meds and phenergan. I ended up in hospital 3 times over two weeks for dehydration. I ate no solid food. I saw....
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    Chronic Constipation

    I am chronically constipated. I have been ever since I gave birth to my first child 7 years ago. Drinking coffee in the morning helped for several years however, it is no longer working. I completed treatment for Accutane back in August I am not sure if that is what has caused the change. If I do not take magnesium citrate on a daily basis, I will not go to the bathroom. Last time, I went 2 weeks without having a BM. I couldn't take it anymore so I took magnesium citrate. I will become distended....
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    Mono is concerning me....

    So at the beginning of November I suppose is when I got Mono. It started out with what seemed like a regular common cold, it went away. For a while, a persistent cough that would only happen when I was trying to sleep. Eventually, that went away. Around the 15th I noticed that the lymph node that deals with my right tonsil was sore, then I noticed that It was quite swollen. On the 26th, I was on a date and got sudden nausea, had a panic attack and threw up. On the 29th, I got tested for mono, tested....
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    19 and struggling with intense pressure in stomach?

    Hello.. I'm 19 and I'm struggling with what I think might be IBS.. I want to go to a doctor to see if I can get help, but my dad, who's the only one with a job, doesn't "believe in doctors".. the rest of my family is dirt poor and jobless, so I'm out of options. The night after Thanksgiving I had friends over for a party-- I had just finished my menstrual cycle, so I was happy to be able to leave the room again and cook. Come around 2am or so, I suddenly got a terrible....
  • Chest, Rib, and Stomach Pain

    Hi everyone! I am a 24-year old male and about a week after Thanksgiving, I started to get this pain behind my left breast and in the rib cage area underneath the breast itself. Anyways, I really started to notice the pain especially when I breathed in or either put my arm up, raised it above my head, or put my arms in front of my body. The pain would really hurt around the left breast when I made those movements. In addition, I started to develop stomach symptoms such as burning in the stomach,....