• 4 months ago

    Human porcupine and Getting resistance from doctors

    I am turning to the boards so in the event that someone else experiences what i'm going thru you are not alone.

    On August 27 ,2019 My life went crazy upside down. In my culture we have a dish called Nopalitos ..basically its tender cactus leaves that have been cleaned and cut ..and for the most part they are done at facilities that are well prepared for this prior to shipping.. I bought some supposed cleaned and cut ones from my local Walmart. .. cooked them up a couple days later and got the worst shock of my life. they still had thorns..actually GLOCHIDS.. thats the proper name. For weeks i have been in and out of hospitals. i've had them coming out of my hairline, feet, breast, arm and legs and of course down there....But according to the doctors that is IMPOSSIBLE..honey nothing is impossible..Why? because nothing can get out of the GI tract..one way in one way out...Not in my case

    .I've had a ct scan to check for punctured organs , barium test of my neck and stomach and x ray done..and those suckers cannot be seen on there..Because these tests come out clean and the blood work also comes out clean I'm sent home from emergency..Only to deal with the pain again at home.

    I had told them i felt them in my eye and throat..and according to a quick flash in the eye and throat there was nothing..Not like they really looked. Now i'm no doctor but if someone is telling me that they have pain in the throat you bet i will go in thru the nasal passages to the back of the throat to see if the sensation is there as well.. My eye was quickly rectified the first doctor that listened and believed me. He did emergency laser surgery.. and for now my eye is good..THANK GOD...Today i have my appointment with the ENT..it takes weeks to get these appointments because you are considered a new patient.

    .Sometimes wish i had been admitted at the hospital so these same doctors could of been there at that moment.

    I'm normally 142...cant get that weight back on..Im 135..some people may think no biggie..but for me..i liked myself fuller..