• 9 days ago

    Been feeling awful for almost 2 weeks but tonight has been scary

    I'm 22 years old and have had occasional minor constipation issues but recently since last (last) Tuesday I been dealing with feeling not satisfied with my BMs. I was starting to get upset with a gurgling stomach some side pain, and a pulsing stomach.
    I went to the doctor a few days later cause I was getting scared and was diagnosed with just pretty backed up constipation and was given an enema and miralax and felt better knowing I was all right otherwise. I went home tried the enema...and failed (half of it leaked out and other half I expelled too quickly without waiting). I felt stupid, embarrassed and humiluated I was too scared to go back for another one so I sucked it up and just used the miralax. It sorta worked I was still having some sorta normal BMs throughout but now with addition of liquid movements which I hated. I ate not a great amount like I should have been but it was basically just apples and salads which was still fiber just not a daily amount.
    Anyways it went sorta fine. Been drinking tons of water and peeing. But come Thursday I decide to cut back on the miralax after 3 days of use and wanted to see what would happen. I generally felt pretty all right. Even ate some chicken after not eating meat in sometime. Come Friday morning and Im fully backed up for a while I got annoyed and ended up trying a normal store bought laxative. Had a good solid movement immediately after taking the laxative (which was definitely not the effect since it takes 6-8hrs). It felt a mistake and come hours later it sure did! Nothing but yellow liquid exiting my behind with a few tiny tiny chunks. I hated it. I felt bloated my sides hurt a lot more than usual.
    I went out walking earlier in the evening and felt generally all right! But now Im lying in bed sore with back/side pains, pulsing, arm pain and gurgling stomach. I tried going to the bathroom but now was getting very small foamy mucose BM. I can't sleep laying on my side feels absolutely terrible and I don't know what to do. Im just talking to a friend atm to distract myself. I planned on getting a redo enema tomorrow. Could that be the trick? (you know actually doing it right)