• over 2 years ago

    IBS or something else?

    was diagnosed with IBS almost ten years ago. Have been able to manage well with diet.

    The last 2 yrs I ve been under a great amount of stress and have been eating very poorly. For the last 6 months I ve experienced looser stools more frequently. My Ibs has always been on the more diarrhea side. So this month I ve been paying attention to how often I m having loose stools.

    I ve also been experiencing a LOT of stomach gurgling since this started. So this month I ve experienced 9 out of 53 of my stools have been type 6 on Bristol stool chart, which isn t a horrible amount. Last month it was a little more. But I always had this lingering fear that I had IBD because they never tested me for it and they never tested me for food allergies or anything like that.