• 21 days ago

    FRUSTRATED about my digestive health; Please HELP?!

    Some weeks prior, I was totally constipated, but it got better now. Now I use the toilet every (other) day, sometimes in the morning after breakfast, sometimes in the evening, and sometimes twice in one day. However, I am facing the difficulties as follows:

    -Feels like something's blocking my stools, preventing thorough defecation
    -Difficulty using toilet, although not constipated; feel frustrated after trying to use toilet
    -Not able to relax during defecating and not able to defecate completely
    -Difficulty passing gas & thus feel constantly bloated
    -Symptoms get worse after taking laxative
    -Difficulty sleeping
    -Keep going to toilet during the middle of the night only to come back without doing anything
    -Sometimes blood or water (usually water) comes out (not always)
    -Feel bloated & sharp stomach pain 1-2 hours after eating (not always)
    -More intense regurgitation of food, usually when laying down, but happens sitting or standing too (not always)

    I'm confused on the first point if it's what I think it is or if it's normal. My stools come out thin and many small pieces join together to form one piece, sometimes. Other times, it's really liquid-y.