• 10 months ago

    What do I have. Seems like IBS but not sure

    I became lactose intolerant after going off Zoloft (about 12 years). But not sure if that is what it is. It doesn't come on shortly after I eat which is what most sites say but the next morning at my usual time to have a BM. I would have explosive bm's a few times and then good for the rest of the day. After a few days, I would be back to normal. But now it seems to last for weeks. Always at the usual time, so predictable and one main bm, then two or three more trips. So I am wondering if it is something else. I have some gas around that time but not a lot of cramping or other symptoms. It's controllable in the sense that I have warning and enough time to make it to the bathroom. I also have leakage for a while after I am done. Are there foods to avoid? I am already avoiding all dairy. Miss my ice-cream the most.