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    16 year old boy with stomach pains.

    My 16 year old son has been having stomach pain since November of last year. Been to the doctors. Got multiple blood work done, a scope into the stomach and intestines, and a Emptying stomach study and have no answers. Doctor says all the tests came out fine and just started giving different meds that are not helping. He is now losing weight cuz he is afraid to eat. because he every time he eats his stomach hurts a lot and he gets nausea. He complains that his upper stomach has pain and is sensitive to touch. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong with him. Please let me know.


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    RE: 16 year old boy with stomach pains.

    Does he eat a lot of gluten/wheat? I felt pains like that where it was unbearable to move, stand up straight or even breathe. I would lying down consistently. If he has an intolerance to gluten, it won’t show up on any tests (which is annoying). I’ve taken the blood test for celiac, and I’ve taken the skin test for allergies, and neither showed anything wrong. But I knew that if I eliminated it from my diet that I would feel so much better. It does take time for gluten to pass through your system after you stop eating it, so most things I ate would make me feel sick. The symptoms I felt were that unbearable stomach pain, migraines, brain fog, loss of circulations in my limbs while sleeping, joint pain, tiredness, and mild breakouts on my cheeks. I don’t experience any of those since I stopped eating gluten. I hope you can figure out what’s wrong with your son!
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        *fatigue was the word I was looking for instead of tiredness
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    RE: 16 year old boy with stomach pains.


    I am in the same page with @belainee, at the age of 20 I just developed this sensitivity to gluten and dairy products, which is somehow related to stress as well, because there are flares when I am under a lot of stress.

    At the beginning it was confused with gastritis (which I also suffer of, can't eat spicy foods), but medication was not helping, until I stopped eating dairy and gluten I got considerably better.

    I can tolerate some gluten, but try not to eat a lot. And dairy I eat with lactase pills that help digest lactose.

    You should try with a gluten free diet, and see how it goes.

    -Good luck!