• 8 months ago

    IBS sudden foul body smell

    I have been lactose Intolerant but began having IBS occasional episodes a couple years ago but became intense 8 months ago. Have been on a diet of no grains, sugar, dairy or processed foods which keeps it under control most of the time. Doctor says my colonoscopy dIdn't show inflammation and believes it to be stress related. (that fits with my life the last 5 yrs. A couple weeks ago My husband ended up in the hospital a ways from our home for 3 days so I stayed with him in his room. I managed to stay on my diet during that time except the first night because we didn't get dinner while at emergency room and admitting. I ate 1/2 of a cookie homemade by a friend to stave off hunger. Had no bloating or cramp pains after but on the 3rd day smelled a foul sickley smell. Thought it was from disinfectants in the room. Came home and it followed me several days and for a few days after my intestines were weird fluttering feelings and some bowel issues including vomiting after. Then my intestines settled down feeling almost normal After 2 wks it came back again and won't go away. So did my intestine upset with fluttering, nausea and bloating this time and I asked my husband to smell me but he can't smell anything on me. I smell it more strongly in my urine and in my bowel stools. Sometimes it is overwhelming my nose so much I feel like screaming. Can't get it to stop but intestines beginning to settle. Can this foul smell be something else going on in my Intestinal tract that I should be concerned enough to contact my doctor? Or how can I stop it!


  • 7 months ago

    RE: IBS sudden foul body smell

    Hello Anonymous,
    I can so relate to "After 2 wks it came back again and won't go away. " I do not have the smell, but my trips to the restroom are becoming a large part of my day. I like you watch what I eat, but then one day - boom! In the past I tried peppermint tablets (500-800 /day), it seemed to help quit a bit, and stopped. I quit taking the peppermint thinking all was normal - --- NOT. the Dr. that performed my colonoscopy told me to try Align. I'm on my 2nd day, & seems to be a little more controllable. Will keep taking and see what happens. the reviews I read about it, seems those who take it - have to take forever. Not sure if this will help, but I know the peppermint is a GREAT cleansing for the intestines - may help with the smell- not sure. Till later,