• 6 months ago

    Pediatric Hiatal Hernia Surgery

    Our 11 year old son has been troubled with reflux since he was a baby. Two years ago after an upper and lower endo, he was diagnosed with GERD and IBS. Since, he has been on different medications but still has periodic digestive problems (stomach aches, frequent bowel movements, "wet burps", etc.). We took him back to the Pediatric Gastrologist a couple of months ago and a second upper endo was done, this time with bravo. This showed some scaring in the lower esophagus and a large Hiatal Hernia. It also showed 95 incidents of reflux the first 24 hours and barely any incidents the second 24 hours. When speaking to the Doctor about the results, he agreed a lot of the problems could be caused by anxiety as he tends to be a nervous child. He was put on 40mg Omeprazole and we were referred to a Pediatric Surgeon. The surgeon would like to correct the hernia and perform a fundoplication (laparoscopically).

    Of course, we are concerned about putting him through surgery and have not only done a great deal of research but were able to speak to an adult friend who had the same surgery. She had the surgery approximately 18-24 months ago and said she still has problems eating certain foods - rice, bread, pasta, which can get stuck on the way down. She did say her incidents of reflux/heartburn have diminished dramatically.

    I know long term reflux can be dangerous but I hate to put him through this surgery if it can be controlled with meds. Can anyone offer any advice or experiences. I would really appreciate input from parents whose children have had similar issues and the outcome of the surgery if they opted for that route. Thank you.