• 1 month ago

    May be TMI please help though

    hello, i’m a 16 year old male, and I have a slight issue with my butt. I do not want to go to a doctor because I find it very embarrassing, so hopefully I can get an easy fix here. Around a month ago I started getting extremely bad diarrhea, and still have it. And now, I have constant pain in my butt, my stool is also smells extremely bad and worse than usual, bad my butt is always wet. it leaks through my underwear and through my shorts and if i touch it it smells disgusting. however, I do play a lot of video games so I do sit a lot, not sure if that helps at all. please someone help me, it is almost impossible for me to sleep because of it. thank you and have a great day


  • 1 month ago

    RE: May be TMI please help though

    You're going to have to go to the doctor and be embarrassed. This is something that is going to need medication - and the longer you put if off the harder it's going to be to treat.

    You can speed things up by writing out any changes to your routine (illness, vacation, etc) for the last few months or so. Also start writing a food / symptom diary - write out *everything* you consume (this includes food, drink, meds, vitamins, gum, etc) and any symptoms you have throughout the day. Do this every day until your appointment and show it to the doctor.