• 27 days ago

    Lump near anus

    Today I found a hard lump near my anus. It is between the anus and vagina on the left side but closer to the anus. It seems to be warm to the touch and is painful when I touch it. When I looked in the mirror it was red. Info about me: I have not had unprotected sex recently. Near obesity. 17 years old.
    My bowel movements seem normal, two today but the first was a little difficult to pass. The second was normal.


  • 17 days ago

    RE: Lump near anus

    I don't want to alarm you, but you definitely should see a doctor. It could be something as minor as a fluid filled cyst. I am not sure if a doctor would see you without an adult; you would need your insurance card. I hope you have a close relationship with your parents so you can discuss this with at least one of them. Or maybe a close adult friend or relative could help you approach them. Good luck. I will be watching the message board to see how things go. I am a parent, and I am glad to say both my sons were never afraid to talk to me.